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Introductory course in Balanced touch™ animal communication

Do you want to learn animal communication and enter their world? Together we can help each other, animals and people. A starting point is that we are willing and able to listen to what animals can show us.

This course is for those who want the chance to connect with animals, nature and yourself, on a deeper level. The course contains different excercises that will help you get in touch with your way of communicating, as well as several excercises in animal communication.

The introductory course in Balanced touch™ animal communication can be completed as a distance course or as a scheduled meeting. The distance course is 4 weeks long and the on-site course is one day long. If you are interested in attending an on-site course, please contact me and we can arrange a course in your home town. It is also possible for me to arrange a course in your home, for you and your friends.

During the distance course, you submit your exercises each week, and receive feedback and guidance. The last week ends with a personal call via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, or a normal voice call.

The distance course and the on-site course are very similar, with the exception of a few exercises. Compared to the day when you attend, you will have more time to complete your exercises during the distance course, and you will have a possibility for more personal guidance, because you will be in direct contact with me.

After you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate and you will then be able to work as a Balanced touch™ animal communicator. In order to pass the course, all exercises should be submitted in a timely manner and keep a certain level of quality.

No prior knowledge required. Sign up by e-mailing susanne@ivar.fi.


Balanced touch™ workshop Power Animals

Discover and paint your power animal.


Welcome to an afternoon focused on establishing contact with your power animal. We will complete various exercises that help you to feel, hear and see your power animal, and you will discover what your power animal wants to convey to you. Then you sit yourself down and paint from your heart.

If you find painting difficult, you can instead choose to write down what has been conveyed to you. You can also paint your feelings, your thoughts and your experiences by only using certain colors. In other words, painting an image is not what is important. The important thing is that you gain contact with your power animal(s).

You should dress comfortably, and bring a yoga mat and a blanket. Paintbrushes, colors and paper is available, but if you want to bring your own material that you are familiar with, you are welcome to do so.

The maximum number of participants is five people.
Price 65€, paid on site (card or cash).

The workshop lasts three hours, coffee and snacks are included in the price. Please let me know about any food allergies you may have.


Sign up by e-mailing susanne@ivar.fi

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