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Price list

Balanced touch™: 54€
Balanced touch™ and dialogue: 72€
Balanced touch™ for animals:
30 min 36€ / 45 min 54€ / 60 min 72€
Balanced touch™ animal communication: 30 min 36€ / 45 min 54€ / 60 min 72€ (72€ for the first hour, after that add 36€ per hour = 1,5/2 h 108€)
Balanced touch™ for animals + communication: 82€ (for the first hour, after that add 36€ per hour = 1,5/2 h 118€)
AuraTransformation™: 300€
Balancing: 80€

Courses, workshops:

Basic course Balanced touch™ Animal communication (on-site studies): 117€
Remote course Balanced touch™ Animal communication (4 weeks): 142€
Continuation course, Balanced touch™ Animal communication (on- site studies): 127€
Balanced touch™ workshop Power Animals: 65€
Course, Balanced touch™ Animal communication for kids and teenagers – An Introduction to Animal communication: 107€
Body Elements Activation Workshop: 229€ / 189€ for repeating students (please include the number printed on your previous certificate)


Lecture: The Animals and Us: 25€
Lecture: Balanced touch™ – Balance and wellbeing for animals, nature and humans: 25€


Balanced touch™ and animal communication can be done as repeated treatments. AuraTransformation™ is done only once. Balancing sessions can be repeated as needed.

***** If you are unable to attend, please cancel your appointment the day before the time of your appointment at the latest. You will be charged for any uncanceled appointments and/or any appointments that you cancel on the day of the appointment. *****

Contact IVAR energy

Address: Långkärrvägen 5, 65760 Iskmo Finland

Phone: +358 50 35 01 081

E-mail: susanne@ivar.fi

Hours: By agreement

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