I wrote this text and shared it on my Facebook page at the end of March this year.

The world as we know it, is shaking. Whether we have or haven’t followed all the reports and analyses that surge over us, we are all aware of the situation at hand on different levels.

I decided to take a closer look on the information that’s flying around us, and here is (simplified) what I saw and what I got to know. Remember that this has been received and filtered through my consciousness capacity and energy filters. You, who are reading this text, are responsible to feel and decide for yourself, if what I’m sharing here and now is right for you or not.


Behind this, which is happening and becoming visible now, there are two camps.

When I took a closer look at the first camp, the original one, I benefited from my ability to communicate with animals and nature. The original virus and Mother Earth came forth and communicated to me that the purpose behind their work is only about balance. It is also a possibility for humankind to wake up on a massive collective level. We have been given a chance to rise up our energy frequency and go to the next stage in our development. It became clear, how we have been given a chance to choose, and this choice has been given with love. There wasn’t a slightest wish visible to spread fear, imbalance or negativity and it was important that I would clearly highlight also that particular message when I was going to share the information that had been given to me. Instead, there was this great and heartfelt wish that we would accept what have been shown to us, and choose the path of love and balance.

I will not describe the other camp in detail, because it is simply better that way. But shortly said, their purpose is far from pure. They have hijacked something that was originally meant to be a possibility, and distorted it into something that can almost be compared to only misuse and diminution.

In other words, we are now standing in front of a challenge or an opportunity. Or maybe both. Because it depends on us what we choose and how we choose to act. Whether we choose the path of love and balance, or the path of fear and imbalance. Whether we think only of ourselves and what we think we have the rights and needs to, or whether we think of ourselves AND our fellow beings and our common home? Will we choose to spread love and balance? Or will we choose the opposite? Never before in the history of humankind have we been given and at the same time had resources as a collective whole to take such a great energy rising leap as now. We can truly unite head and heart in a completely new way if we so choose. We can open our hearts to ourselves and to our surroundings. We all have a responsibility that must not be hidden or forgotten. This is a choice that we must not shy away from.

Finally, let the eagle inspire us. Why? Because we must find and unite the balance between our earth and air elements. Look at the eagle and try to see the abilities and qualities that the eagle has. What do you see? What you perceive is important to YOU.

Also sort your energies; keep to yourself what is yours, and everything else outside of your energetic and physical system.

With warmth, love and balance
Susanne Broända
IVAR energy

P.S. You who are knowledgeable about elements, energies and consciousness, can read this text in more than one way.

(Photo Unsplash)

* Addition considering the other camp. It is crucial to be aware of the balance in relation to “know what you’re up against”, and not send any energy to anything that it is best not send to… But because some of you want to know more, I will write about the matter shortly.

That which has been hijacked, is the possibility that the first camp originally opened. The possibility to transition to a new and “higher” stage in the development of humankind. But this definitely does not mean that the first camp’s work would be lost. We have the choice and ability to walk the road that leads to greater balance and love. If we do that, Mother Earth has also a chance to recover and she is going to do that much faster than we can ever believe.

The other camp’s goal is in the end to create and spread unbalance and fear. The difficulty is that in the other camp, there are different dimensions and groups and some groups are completely unaware of the others as well as of the different dimensions. That’s why the intention of each group may vary, and some might think they are working to create balance, which they aren’t in fact doing.

Translation Heidi K, thank you 💛

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